Simple, affordable allround protection
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Our uninsulated halls offer simple and inexpensive all-round protection for the storage of temperature-insensitive goods. They are ideally suited for storage, roofing of construction sites or for temporary assembly. The areas of application of our uninsulated halls: - Storage for temperature-insensitive goods - protected loading of transporters - protected parking and storage area - Picking for goods of all kinds - Maintenance and repair For your roof and wall covering you can choose between a PVC tarpaulin or a trapezoidal sheet. Made of highly tear-resistant, and durable industrial PVC, tarps are a cost-effective alternative compared to other cladding options.

  • Warehouses - cold storage
  • Industrial halls
  • Construction of industrial buildings

Product characteristics

Span Width
5.0 - 30.0 m
Ridge height
5.2 - 11.2 m
Eaves height
4.3 - 6.3 m
Extendable in 5m bay lengths
Wind load
0.5 kn/m²
Snow Load
65 - 153 kg/m³

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36355 Grebenhain - Germany