With Conform® components our customers can reduce their procurement and assembly costs: We handle the preceding processes thus enabling slimmer procedures at our customers’ own production facilities. So that we can meet the wide variety of component needs for our customers, we work within a network of certified partners. Some examples of components made to customer specifications: cold-formed parts in steel cold-formed parts in aluminium rubber decoupling elements plastic injection-mouldings stampings metal bending parts non-detachable washers or sealing rings

Mechanical transmission - components
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Product features

Product example (1) cold-formed parts in steel
Product example (2) cold-formed parts in aluminium
Product example (3) rubber decoupling elements
Product example (4) plastic injection-mouldings
Product example (5) stampings
Product example (6) metal bending parts
Product example (7) non-detachable washers or sealing rings

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