Protect your products and optimise the number of pieces transported Corrugated plastic dividers are multifunctional: they protect your products from damage by separating them, and they optimise your internal storage volume. Corrugated plastic dividers and fittings are made from polypropylene sheets (Correx®, Akylux®, Akyboard® and Akyplen®). They can secure any size product, big or small. This includes very tiny and fragile pieces like medical tubes to very large products like automotive bumpers. Corrugated Plastic Dividers can be used with: Trays Boxes Cases Bulk Containers Foldable Containers Furniture (Drawers) Any other type of packaging Fittings for standard or made to measure boxes Polypropylene rigid fittings can be adapted to any existing packaging solution. This means you don’t need to change your packaging, our fittings can be made to fit your packaging. Custom Dividers/Inserts for Standard Injection Moulded Crates The automotive industry uses a range of standard...

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