Cream Dispenser

With a cream dispenser, nitrous oxide can extend the summer
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With a cream dispenser, nitrous oxide can extend the summer. What is a summer without a nice cocktail? A party at home without the creamy topping to top it off. But there is now something very special. The capsules with flavor and with an exotic finish. The Exotic Whip N2O cream charger is made of selected and stable materials. The individual parts are easy to clean. In the twinkling of an eye, an exotic whipped cream topping is conjured for the cocktail and desserts. With the cream dispenser instructions succeeds every cream hood. No tedious whipping of cream. With the instructions and a few simple steps, the cream foam is guaranteed to always succeed! The cream dispenser function is so simple that nothing can go wrong. It does not require a great technical understanding. Proceed exactly according to instructions and with a few simple steps, a stable whipped cream hood is created.

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  • whipped cream
  • Cream Hood
  • Creamy Topping

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NXR 2504 Triq L-Oratorju In-Naxxar - Malta