The whipped cream siphon make whipped cream

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When you want to make whipped cream, you need to use a thickened cream. This cream can have a fat content of 2736%. When you use the whipped cream siphon pressure is released, this causes the nitrous oxide in the fat molecule to expand and whipped cream is created. The whipped cream siphon provides 4x more quantity compared to when you whip whipped cream yourself by hand. Can you use any kind of gas in the whipped cream siphon? It is important that you use only N2O gas. The reason nitrous oxide is used in a whipped cream siphon is that the gas dissolves easily with liquids and the gas is not lost at the time it is in the siphon. What is also an advantage of using nitrous oxide in whipped cream siphons is that it also inhibits the growth of bacteria and it has no smell or taste. It is important that you follow the recipe for the type of cream or foam you want to make and set the siphon on a flat surface.

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