DATAPAQ AutoPaq Paint Temperature Profiling Kit

Thermal profiling for paint, adhesive, sealant cure in the automotive industry


DATAPAQ temperature profiling systems include high-accuracy industrial-strength data loggers, analysis software, thermal barriers, and thermocouples. DATAPAQ AutoPaq is a customized thermal profiling system for temperature monitoring of paint, adhesive and sealant cure processes used in the automotive assembly market. Offering up to 20 channels of measurement in a single system, Datapaq AutoPaq is the perfect tool for performing detailed cure validation of new installations or optimizing existing lines for new models. With real time RF capability, the system may also be the preferred choice for routine live monitoring of paint operations as part of standard QA procedures. Range of silicone-free barriers providing safe and contamination-free options to suit single and multi-run operations Oven Insight Professional software written for the automotive paint engineer to perform process QA or full validation quickly, efficiently and accurately

Temperature sensing devices
  • temperature
  • data logger
  • paint cure

Product features

Number of channels up to 20
Measured temperature range -100°C to 1370ºC (-148°F to 2498°F)
Thermocouple type K (other types available on request)
Logger accuracy ±0.3°C (±0.5°F)
Battery NiMH rechargeable (alkaline battery cassette option)
Battery life up to 200 hours (1 min sample interval at 70°C [158°F])
Memory up to 3.6 million data points
Multiple run capability Logger stores up to 10 separate measurement runs

Additional product literature


DATAPAQ TP3 Temperature Data Logger in heat treatment, paint-curing, ceramics

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