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DATUM ELECTRONICS is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of torque measurement equipment and instrumentation, including; torque sensors, torque transducers, torque meters and shaft power measurement systems. Utilising cutting-edge strain gauge based technology, our robust and simple to install torque sensors, torque transducers and torque meters has been successfully used for decades in many industries, including R&D, quality control, engineering, automotive, aerospace, high-volume manufacturing and other torque testing applications. Headquartered in the UK, we have a long-established presence worldwide, through our extensive network of re-sellers and distributors in more than 30 countries, including; Australia, Canada, China, South Korea, South Africa and the USA. Whether you need a standard torque measurement device, a custom engineered OEM product, or mid to high volume torque sensors, our business is based on our customer’s needs and preferences. We can work with you to develop a cost-effective, high-quality torque measurement solution, which integrates into your product line and within your existing machinery.

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The latest technology Datum Electronics Series non-contact rotary Torque Sensors have been designed to fit with most applications where the measurement of accurate rotary torque and power measurements are required. The M425 Rotary Torque Sensor fits in line with the drive train or test bed, using standard key-way shafts. The Datum M425 Rotary Torque Transducer represents a quantum leap forward for anyone looking to measure torque and power with high accuracy and repeatability using up to 24 bit resolution. The M425 torque sensors give the customer control over their tests with torque sample rates selectable at any time from 1sps up to 4000sps as standard. With rpm measurement based on up to 30 pulses per revolution, the M425 is now the complete torque transducer for measuring torque and power on any rotating shaft. When paired with the Datum Universal Interface (DUI), the M425 Torque Sensor gives customers a ... ** Click for more **

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The latest technology Datum Electronics Series FF425 non-contact rotary torque transducer and FF410 torque sensors have been designed to fit easily inline with any drive train or test rig using standard DIN size couplings. With Flange couplings at either end of the torque transducer, it has many advantages over other torque measurement systems. FF425 Non-Contact Torque Transducers and Sensors The FF425 rotary torque transducer utilises a strain gauged shaft for accurate and reliable torque measurement and a set of rotating on shaft conditioning electronics, the digital signals are transmitted to the non-rotating part of the system or stator providing a reliable and highly accurate torque measurement solution. ** Click for more **

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The Datum Electronics Series RS425 bearingless torque transducer has been designed to fit easily in line with any drive-train or test rig, using either a spline or key-way shaft. We are able to modify the ends of the transducer to best suit your requirements, and can even design bespoke ends to fit. This type of transducer has many advantages over other torque systems including zero bearing friction, high speed and high torque applications. The Series 425 Torque Transducers can be adapted to replace exiting drive shafts on test rigs and in drive lines, this saves the time and cost of designing in special couplings and intermediate shafts to accommodate conventional transducers. By measuring torque on longer drive shaft you prove the accuracy of the measurement and its tolerance to offset loads. Using a direct replacement with a lightweight rotor the dynamics of the driveline are maintained. ** Click for more **

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FF410 Static Torque Transducer provides a competitive option within the reaction transducer market Static Torque Sensor/Transducer FF410The Datum Electronics Series 410 Static torque sensor was developed following developments of our FF420 series of rotary torque transducers. The same basic shaft components and strain gauge technology have been applied to our 410 Reaction transducer range providing a competitive option within the static transducer market. SERIES 410 REACTION TORQUE TRANSDUCER - Flange Mounted static transducer - Flange torque transducer match standard DIN Flanges - Ideal design for easy fitting to test rigs and drive systems - No bearings with lightweight hollow shaft unit - Unique design offers high torsional stiffness model - Standard 410 reaction torque sensor range available from 250Nm-10,000Nm - Strain gauge output compatible with Datum Type310, Type324, Type 300 Indicators. ** Click for more **

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7 Reasons an M425 Rotating Torque Sensor is a Go-To Solution

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7 Reasons an M425 Rotating Torque Sensor is a Go-To Solution on The Torque Sensor Market In the last two decades, torque and shaft power measurement have become an important factor to assess energy and fuel efficiency, to decrease the cost of equipment maintenance, especially in automotive, marine and aviation industries. Like the industries themselves, methods to measure torque are becoming more accurate, reliable and sophisticated. The popularity of non-contact rotary torque sensors has increased exponentially as they are the most precise and affordable method of measuring torque across different industries. We at Datum Electronics have been working to create highly accurate cost-effective torque sensing solutions and developed an M425 Series rotating torque sensor, to fulfill your shaft power measurement needs. So, what’s so good about an M425 rotary torque sensor? ** Click to know more **

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