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DC/DC Converters
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The DC-voltage converters developed for the electronic components in the motor car are characterised by their ease of installation in every vehicle. The high degree of stability, the compact design, sustained short-circuit resistance as well as the high level of operating safety are the quality hallmarks of this series. The areas of application span the mobile employment of 12-V-consumers in vehicles with a 24-V-onboard network. The devices are particularly suitable for operating car radios, stereo units, radios, cooler units, car telephones, computers, 12-V-trailer lighting etc. The voltage converter converts an input direct voltage into an output direct voltage. The input voltage must be greater than the output voltage. No base load is required at the output end. A 26 kHz PWM switching controller is used for this purpose. Input and output are not isolated. The common earth is connected with the voltage converter housing.

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