The range DEL/DRIVE conveyor belt is the ideal alternative to conventional modular belts: it can replace a modular belt without any modifications. To meet all needs, DEL/DRIVE range is composed by several versions: - DEL/DRIVE 50: Made in polyurethane, it is both flexible and resistant and has high tensile strength. - DEL/DRIVE 25: The pitch of 25mm allows using smaller diameter of sprockets. The space required is thus reduced, and the transfer of the transported products is facilitated. - DEL/DRIVE 50H: Made in polyester elastomer, it is recommended for the transport of medium to heavy-weight - DEL/DRIVE 50AM: It benefits of an antimicrobial treatment which improves the hygiene level. - DEL/DRIVE 50AMEM: It also benefits of an antimicrobial treatment and has an embossed upper face that reduced the adherence of transported products. - DEL/DRIVE 50EMLT: It works in very low ambient temperatures and its embossed upper face facilitates the conveyance of frozen poducts.

Conveyor belts
  • positive drive conveyor belt
  • positively driven conveyor belt
  • food conveyor belt

Product features

Material Polyurethane or Polyester elastomer
Top surface Smooth or embossed

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