For dosing and shaping biscuits, cookies and products made of dense doughs
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WITH THIS MACHINE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO MAKE: Tea cakes, sponge cakes, meringues, plum-cake, homemade pastries, perrunillas, mantecados, polvorones, alfajores, cream biscuits, cookies, madeleines, sponge cake sheet, macaron, cup-cakes, almond dough biscuits, cat's tongues, etc. -Uniform and fast production, avoiding punishing the dough or any alteration of its natural characteristics. -For medium and large productions, depending on the product and model. 50-200 Kg/h. -Easy and quick change of the different accessories to work multi-product. -Intelligent management of the production by means of HMI panel, recipe programming. THREAD CUTTING AND MOULDS WITH A GREAT VARIETY OF SHAPES AND SIZES: For dense or hard doughs. SWIVELING AND FIXED NOZZLES: For semi-dense doughs. PUMP HEAD: For semi-dense or fluid doughs.

  • Biscuit making
  • pastry machine
  • dropping machines
  • Biscuits depositing


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08120 La Llagosta-Barcelona - Spain