Data logger Logbox AA, IP65, 64k

Digital temperature measurement systems

173.06€ TTC


Data loggers are suitable measuring instruments for constantly monitoring the temperature. The record the temperature over a longer period on any place you wish. The recorded data can later be evaluated on a PC.

Product features

Name Data logger
Input Thermocouple Type J,K,E,N,R,S,T; Pt100 in 3-wire technique; 4...20 mA; 0...50 mV; 0...10 V
Input impedance >10 mΩ, 4… 20 mA 100 Ω, 0…10 V: >1 mΩ
Temperature measuring range -100…+1760 °C, Pt100: -200…+530 °C; mV, V, mA: Linear, adjustable range: -1999 bis 9999
Accuracy depends on input, see data sheet
Memory capacity 64000 (64k)
Measuring interval 10 s / max: 18 h
Power supply 3.6 V Lithium battery (1/2 AA)
Display Visual alarm display (LED)
Environmental conditions -40...+70 °C
Housing Polycarbonat
Protection category IP65 (NEMA 4)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 70 x 60 x 35 mm
Weight 0.15 kg

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