Descaler for fully automated coffee machines – 2 x 750ml (=1.5L), coffee machines, espresso machines, steam irons, water heaters, natural cleaner with organic acids used universally for Delonghi, Saeco, Tassimo, Senseo, Jura and other brands - Made in Germany Environmental friendly: the coffee machine cleaner is made from organic acids, the part of 100% Organic Deconstruct. What's more contains the decalcifier a red colour indicator, indicates whether the the full removing power. A high-quality product: & # X2713 - Original Ambi clean & # X2713 - Made in Germany & # X2713 for more brands such as Jura, Saeco, Melitta, Senseo, etc. & # X2713 ^ Kalk with great protection & # X2713; Easy to use & # X2713; 100% natural & # X2713; 2 bottles (1.5 L) correspond to approx. 12 cleaning processes Energy saving: A scaling also means electronic devices up to 30% more power. Clean your devices regularly to save energy. Avoid unnecessary limescale deposits and trust our organic machine descaler.

Cleaning and maintenance products, household
  • Descaler for fully automated coffee machines
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