Pipe Network Monitoring The DK680 is a robust data logger for measuring pressure in gases or water, and optionally also for measuring temperature. When monitoring pressure in pipe networks the device can detect short-term fluctuations as well as long-term changes in pressure thanks to a sampling interval between 8 Hz and 24 hours. Applications · Pipe network analysis · Interference analysis in pipelines · Leakage Tests · Pipe nework monitoring · Monitoring in air pressure systems Features · Robust pressur data logger · 3x optional programmable input channels, e. g. for temperature, voltage/current, pulse · Direct measurements on LCD · Excellent measuring accurcy · Large memory capacity for up to 4 million readings · USB interface · Sampling interval programmable from 8 Hz tp 24 hrs · Battery life up to 8 years · "Stop-when-full" or "continuous" logging modes · LED indicators for alarm conditions

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