Differential pressure transmitter PS 17

Compact differential pressure transmitter for various applications


This pressure transmitter is particularly well suited for monitoring filters and pressures in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) applications. DIP switches allow users to configure the output signal and switchable measurement ranges (optional). Settings provide an option for conversion to a root-extracted output signal (displayed as a % of the maximum output value). An internal button is also available for performing a zero-point correction or fine-tuning the end value. An optional display allows users to read the measured value directly on site in Pa or kPa. With an optional time constant (up to 10s), the instrument can produce an attenuated output signal, even under unstable pressure conditions. An optional two-wire version of the device is also available for reducing wiring complexity. In addition to simple wall-mounting with just 2 screws, the PS 17 is also suitable for mounting on top-hat rails.

Precision measuring instruments
  • pressure sensor
  • pressure transmitter
  • pressure transducer

Product features

Measurement ranges (with ± measurement ranges and asymmetric) 50 Pa .. 10 kPa
Margin of error ± 1 % of the set value (for measurement ranges ≤ 100 Pa plus ± 0.5 Pa)
Power supply 24 VAC/DC (reverse pole protection), 15 .. 32 VDC (two-wire) or 24 VDC (galvanic separation)
Output 0/2 .. 10 V or 0/4 .. 20 mA (switchable)
Medium Air, all non-aggressive and non-flammable gases
Housing Robust ABS housing with IP 67 for top-hat rail or wall mounting

Additional product literature


Overpressure control in cleanrooms by halstrup-walcher

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