Temperature transmitter transform the voltage signal of thermocouples or the resistance change of platinum sensors (Pt100) to a 4…20 mA (current loop) or 0…10 V signal.

Product features

Name Digital transmitter
Input Thermocouple type J, K, R, S, T, N, E, B or Pt100 2-/3-wire, 0…50 mV
Output 4...20 mA
Temperature measuring range -270…+1820 °C (depending on the thermoelement), Pt100: -200...+600 ºC
Accuracy <± 0.3%; Pt100: ±0.2%; 0...50mV: ±0.2%
Resolution 0.001mA (14 bits)
Response time temperature < 500 ms
Supply voltage 12 bis 35 VDC
Application temperature -40...+85 °C
EMC-compatibility 2013 (2014/30/EU)
Housing ABS, 44mm x 25mm
Features Galvanic isolation (1000 V AC, 1 Min)
Weight 0.055 kg

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