Dipstick-thermocouple | without conductor | Type K



With the sharp needle the thermocouple easily can be stickinto tubes. It allows a fast and easy measurement of the medium inside of thetube. One possible application can be the cooling water tube of an engine. The stainlesssteel plate is made to be tighten by zipties.

Temperature sensing devices
  • Dipstick-thermocouple
  • thermocouple
  • sharp needle thermocouple

Product features

Sheathing thermocouple pairing Type K
Limiting deviation Cl. 1 as per DIN EN 60584-1: 2014-07
Sheathing material Inconell600
Measurement point hot junction insulated
Probe diameter 2.0 mm
Element length 100–1,000 mm
Retaining plate stainless steel, 10 x 20mm
Injection depth 7-30mm
Connection Selection
High-temp. zipties (+195°C) optional

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