Dosing Pumps


Generally, dosing pumps are referred to as oscillating displacement pumps with adjustable stroke length. Depending on the requirement the driving mechanism can be equipped with hydraulically actuated diaphragm. Electrically driven pumps offer besides the stroke length adjustment a further possibility to adjust the delivery flow by modifying the motor rotation speed. For a small delivery flow and a low delivery pressure, electromagnetically driven pumps are nowadays the devices of choice since they can simply be adapted to the process requirements by modifying the stroke frequency manually or through an external control (pulse or analog) signal.  Electromagnetic LMI pump. Flow rate: up to 76 l/h. Pressure: up to 20.7 bar For several years microprocessor-controlled dosing pumps with stepping motor are part of our portfolio. This pump model has a lot of possibilities and options for adjusting the delivery flow and monitoring the delivery rate. The driving mechanism offers additional

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