vipura-PUMP 10T

1C Dosing & Filling Pump
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▪ Hygienic design for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications ▪ Easy integration into automated processes due to compact design ▪ Length and weight savings compared to existing pumps ▪ Short cycle times ▪ Non-destructive dosing of solid containing materials with diameter of up to 20 mm ▪ Volumetric dosing and filling, regardless of viscosity ▪ For low to high viscosity materials ▪ Long service life even with abrasive and shear sensitive materials ▪ Continuous dosing, pulsation free ▪ Precise filling with high repeatability ▪ Linear relation between dosing volume and rotational speed ▪ Programmable suck-back prevents dripping or stringing of product ▪ FDA compliant elastomers ▪ Wetted components are autoclavable ▪ Stainless steel ▪ Optional flushing connection for optimum results with CIP ▪ Easy cleaning and maintenance due to quick assembly and disassembly options

  • Applicators for adhesives and glues
  • Dosing pumps
  • Automatic dispenser
  • Fluid dosing

Product characteristics

Dosing volume
~ 100 ml/rev
Dosing accuracy
± 1 %
> 99 %

Domain icon Manufacturer/ Producer

84513 Töging A. Inn - Germany