ViscoTec 1C dispenser vipro-PUMP
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ViscoTec 1C dispenser vipro-PUMP ▪ Volumetric dispensing, regardless of viscosity ▪ For low to high viscosity materials ▪ Particularly suitable for highly abrasive, filled or shear sensitive materials ▪ Modular scalability of volume flow within the model range ▪ Programmable suck-back prevents dripping or stringing of product ▪ Material entry with Tri-Clamp DN 20 connection for optimized material flow and fast coupling of material supply ▪ Locking ring for easy and fast disassembling of drive unit ▪ Drive unit connection with optimized power transmission free from clearance ▪ Optimized dispenser bracket for easy adjustable mounting ▪ Long lifetime due to low wear ▪ Different rotor and stator materials available ▪ Continuous dosing, pulsation free ▪ Interior non-stick coated ▪ Dividable rotor assembly for easy & fast replacement and low spare part costs ▪ Easy cleaning and maintenance due to quick assembly and disassembly options

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84513 Töging A. Inn - Germany