vipro-PUMP MR

ViscoTec 1C dispenser vipro-PUMP MR
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▪ Continuous volumetric and pulsation-free dosing regardless of viscosity ▪ For low viscosity and self-levelling materials (e.g. trickle resins) ▪ Low wear solution due to avoidance of material contact at shaft seal ▪ Uninterrupted production thanks to material reservoir with up to 350 ml usable volume ▪ Pressure and temperature sensor including sensor holder at pump outlet ▪ Level programmable using analog level sensor ▪ Filling under atmospheric pressure ▪ Optional connection for process gas (max. 0.2 bar pressure) ▪ Dispenser holder for easy and stable installation ▪ Increased process reliability due to integrated safety device ▪ Dividable rotor assembly for easy & fast replacement and low spare part costs

  • Dosing pumps
  • Automated dosing
  • Dosing - machines and equipment
  • Fluid dosing

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84513 Töging A. Inn - Germany