Who said it has to look like a surge capacitor? They look different, and as a matter of fact, they are. Surge protection capacitors are designed to protect high voltage motors and transformers from events with high transient overvoltages (e.g. lightning or switching surges). Keeping with our tradition of completely dry products, we have designed the first MV Surge Capacitor in self-healing technology: DSCTM In combination with the PD-free layout, the self-healing dielectric provides for extremely long operating life and highest operational safety. Unlike traditional oil-filled ALLFILM-capacitors which are bound to fail as soon as overvoltage or other stress factors have provoked a dielectric breakdown, the self-healing dielectric of DSCTM insulates the breakdown spot immediately and continues operation as usual.

  • dry technology
  • Surge Protection Capacitors
  • AC Capacitors for Power Electronics

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