The ERC bike fuel system cleaner reduces the susceptibility of modern engines to design-related and operational-related build-up on parts of the valves coming into contact with fuel, on the fuel system, and on the injection system. The Effect Deposits on valves and the surface of the nozzle needle tip reduce the flow of fuel and diminish peak performance. These mixture deposits lead to higher emissions of harmful substances, increased wear, and irregular engine running. The mixture formation is disturbed and the operating behaviour of the engine is worsened. The high-concentration ERC bike fuel system cleaner breaks down build-up on the valves, in the fuel system, and on the injection nozzles. The Result The longer the engine is operated with fuel without additives, the greater the accumulation of deposits and the greater the resulting flow reduction. The use of bike fuel system cleaner removes the build-up on valves and the fuel system and restores the optimal fuel flow.

Petrol engines

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