ERC Performance Additive for Bikes

A special package of substances for better acceleration and more power


The Effect Even smooth metal surfaces are found to be rough under the microscope. Friction means wear, higher fuel consumption and loss of power. The piston strokes, particularly in the region of the upper piston ring, cause frictional losses in the engine. Deposits from dirty nozzles, intake passages and valves impair the engine operation, and increase pollutant emission and fuel consumption. ERC Performance Additive for Bikes reduces friction, cleans the complete fuel system and prevents build-up of new deposits. Best Biker Performance Booster on the market. The Result ERC Performance Additive for Bikes improves acceleration, removes deposits and brings back full engine power. The advantages at a glance: - Cleans and prevents formation of damaging deposits on carburetor, valves, injection nozzles, spark plugs and in the combustion chamber. - therefore, provides for full engine power and reduces fuel consumption - Protects against corrosion and carburettor icing


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