Earth Magnetic field simulator - EMFS

Earth Magnetic Field Simulator for calibration of "Onboard Degaussing Systems"


STL offers the earth magnetic field simulator (EMFS) which can be used for worldwide simulation of the earth magnetic field. Earth Magnetic Field Simulators (EMFS) are typically being installed in a bay area or river estuary as well as artificial harbours. The EMFS System is used for calibration of the onboard degaussing system (OBDS) and Navy vessel's preparation for any operation missions and the dedicated simulation of the magnetic field in the area of mission. Quantity and type of used sensors, sensor array, software and coil system including power sources are always designed in respect of the specific requirements of the customer. STL can supply: - Complete sensor array - Data acquisition system - Control and evaluation software - coil cables and power sources Pricing may vary depending on the requested cable length, available power supply and required magnetic field.

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