Easily installable differential pressure units ISO 100/120

ISO 120


Isolation Unit, 1-piece, for positive or negative room pressure This Isolation Unit is made for installation in suspended or false ceilings, and walls. Can be connected to an existing ventilation system or new tube system. Reccommended for installations were the point of extraction and supply are further away from eachother. Depending on the installation, positive (for immune-compromised) or negative (for infectious patients) pressure is generated inside the room (easily up to 20 Pascal). Filters used in this Isolation Unit are of HEPA14 or ULPA15 quality, leaktested and airtight secured. – Automatic differential pressure regulation – Automatic pressure loss alert – Filter detection by ID code (filter condition) – Complies with CDC guidelines (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) Used in hospitals, clinics and medical facilities Immune-compromised patients Oncology, haematology, neonato

Sterilisation and disinfection - medical equipment
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