Eco System

Versatile belt driven linear motion units


The ECO SYSTEM units are linear actuators made of a self-sustaining extruded aluminum frame and are driven by a polyurethane belt with AT metric profile steel inserts. Three different sizes available: 60mm, 80mm, 100mm Version available with recirculating ball bearing or roller rails Reduced weight ensured by the light frame and the aluminum sliders High sliding speed The ECO SYSTEM series actuators are offered with two motion systems: ECO SYSTEM – SP Featuring a maintenance free recirculating linear guide rail fitted inside the profile. ECO SYSTEM – CI Featuring four rollers with a Gothic arch outer profile sliding on hardened steel bars placed inside the profile. Main fields of application for Eco System linear units: Automation Packaging Industrial machinery

Internal transport systems
  • Lightweight thanks to the aluminum profile
  • Simple structure for effective cost

Product features

Available sizes for the linear actuators ECO 60, ECO 80, ECO 100
Max. running speed 5 m/s
Max. acceleration 50 m/s2
Repeat accuracy 0,1 mm
Max. static load Fx 4.410 N, Fy 43.400 N, Fz 43.400 N
Max. static moment Mx 620 Nm, My 3.820 Nm, Mz 3.820 Nm
Maximum usable stroke length 6,000mm (longer strokes can be provided for jointed versions)
High dynamics V=5m/s, A=50m/s2

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