We have all the components necessary to build your own electric vehicle drive system configured to your need, including LED display, control units, battery, motor and software, perfect for implementation into small and mid-size vehicles. There are too many features to our Powertrain/Drive System Solution to fit here. To give an example, 10 key aspects listed below: • Bespoke Software, Enable Tool > automatic self-learning function > "ready to go Setup" • Approx. 1200 Parameter can be freely configured using Bluetooth & USB Interface • CAN Bus Communication • 2 analogue und 2 digital Inputs • Motor Boostfunction / Reverse Gear • 48V System for a save solution (Safety Extra Low Voltage, SELV) • Range from 250W – 12,000W Peak Power • Electric field oriented control incl. electric field weakening • Battery Recuperation • Complete system designed and built at one source! If you have any technical questions please get in touch! 01423 796240

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