Construction Winches LM-2, LM-3.2, LM-5, LM-8A and LM-10A electric powered winches are the basis of the solution to many pulling and lifting winch applications. Winches well-suited for industrial and construction projects offer maximum performance and reliability. Heavy Duty Pulling Winches TEL-20 heavy duty electric powered winch that is made to take on the toughest pulling situations and environments. Winch it structural steel design and high torque gear boxes combine to maximize performance and durability on this series of winches. Features: Single smooth core drum. Dual stage gearing. Fully sealed helical gear boxes and features constant oil bath lubrication. Drum support bearings heavy duty roller bearing assemblies. Large drum diameter enhances spooling and reduces wear on wire rope. Flange mounted 3 phase 50 Hz TEFC motor on 230/400 VAC. Integral lifting eyes on steel frame are provided to facilitate transport and installation.

Hoists and winches
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