Electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic collector, slip ring

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We offer various electrical collectors ( also called slip ring). The threaded tube range ( for use with vertical axis at maximum speed 30 rpm) includes: PRP: 6-36 tracks 20A, 4-24 tracks 30A, 4-12 tracks 50A, IP51. PRS: 6-15 tracks 20A, 4-14 tracks 30A, 4-10 tracks 50A, IP55. PMS: 6-30 tracks 20A, IP55, air passage in option. The capsule collector range equipped with 3 to 56 tracks (2A/6A/8A/ETHERNET, 10A, 20A 250VAC), available in IP51 or IP55 versions, and radiofrequency versions (8 to 36 tracks) at a maximum of 500 rpm. The FASTON connection collector range has diameters of 32 to 70mm, 2-8 tracks (2A/5A/14A, 20A), 240VAC/DC or 400VAC/VDC, IP51 or IP55 versions, and can be driven up to a maximum of 400 rpm. The hollow shaft collector range has an internal diameter from Ø 3 to 100mm, 2 to 96 tracks (2A-20A, Ethernet), IP51 or IP65 versions, and can be driven up to a maximum of 500 rpm. We also have a range of pneumatic and hydraulic rotary joints.

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  • Electrical collector
  • electrical slip ring
  • rotary joint

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