Engine Dynamometers

Engine performance test beds


Our engine test beds are modular systems existing of control unit, dynamometer and mobile engine supports. Applications: Determination of engine performance, runnning engines under a defined load in order to determine other measuring values. Fields of application: Science, development, quality control by manufacturers and control authorities, education (especially air cooled dynamometers). New: Container for outdoor installation for performance testing at combustion engines with all kinds of dynamometers. Our range of engine test beds: - with eddy-current brakes (air-cooled or water-cooled) - low-inertia hydrostatic braking dynamometers - braking dynamometers with water brake - regenerative 4-Q-dynamometers - electric generators, loaded by resistors

Measurement and control instruments
  • test benches for engine power
  • resistors for engine braking
  • dynamometers

Product features

max. power 0.5 - 6700 kW

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