Engine Supports

RWB mobile operation trolleys and Universal Engine Supports


Transportable engine supports minimize the times of standstill of the engine test bed, as the engines can be built up and tested separately. The mounted engines can be coupled to the engine test bed quickly and without any effort. RWB mobile operation trolleys and Universal Engine Supports may be used with MP dynamometers and with other suitable dynamometers (by Weinlich or other manufacturers). Their modular design allows interchangeability and reusability. RWB are mobile thanks to swivel rollers. They have a load capacity of max. 800 kg. A RWB mobile operation trolley has a low base frame from which single supports lead up to the fixing points of the engine. By this design all parts of the engine can be reached as well as possible. Thanks to its solid and proven construction the mobile operation trolley is nevertheless able to match up to the stress during power tests. Universal Engine Supports have a higher load capacity (1000 kg and 2000 kg) than RWB. ...

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