Environmental simulation: temperature & humidity control

The basis is a standard or climatic chamber


with adjustable humidity and temperature to simulate the environmental conditions of a test specimen (e.g. household appliances, heating technology) The basis is a standard or climatic chamber (e.g. test kitchen, environmental simulation) with adjustable air humidity and temperature. On the basis of decades of experience in automotive test engineering, EP-E developed a concept in which the air flows in a circle (loop design). The result is a very excellent homogeneous temperature and humidity distribution. Through precise temperature and humidity control, it is possible to set different combinations of air conditioning and thus precisely adjust the required test conditions. The determination of the air flow (exhaust air volume) is carried out via a measuring section with the use of Laminar Flow Elements (LFEs). In order to determine the volume flow, pressure and temperature sensors are used to determine the air volume flow of the climatic chamber(s).

Calibration equipment
  • temperature simulation
  • humidity control
  • air volume flow

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