The laser cutting head FC4 is predominantly used in medium power lasers machines, impresses with its slim design and the related low weight. The use of a deformable (adaptive) mirror is of great importance in this case, since no motorized lens adjustment for focus adjustment is required any more. The focus adjustment via adaptive optics above the focusing lens is fast, reliable and precise. Focus positions for a wide variety of materials can be determined, stored in the machine CNC and called up for controlling the optics as desired. The dynamics of the adaptive optics are also clear when piercing the material before the beginning of the cut – for a full stroke, only 0.2 seconds are required. Especially when cutting thicker materials, the time saving can be considerable. The use of aspheric lenses guarantees the best optical properties; protective glass cassettes on both the collimation side and the pressure seal below the focusing lens protect the optics from contamination.

Laser - cutting and welding machines
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