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Today potentiometric Angular Position Transmitters attain a still more status with regard to the analogue measuring technique as far as high-quality measurement tasks are concerned due to the favourable value for money. Potentiometric transmitters have either a high-resolution element of conductive plastic or a high-resolution gold or constantan wire with various resistance and angle values. They are available in various sizes as single-turn or multiple-turn potentiometers or in a multiple design. For adjustment of the measuring range almost all series can be provided with short-circuiting tracks, taps and function windings. Some models are available with incorporated Signal Converter providing current or voltage outputs in configuration of 2, 3 or 4 wires. To ensure reliability in very dirty atmospheres, oil-filled potentiometers are available.

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Rope Length Transmitter with high precision analog or digital encoders The determination of measuring lengths in the range of one up to several meters is preferably carried out by using well priced and easy-tomount transducers on the basis of the draw wire measuring principle. In connection with measuring problems of industrial applications e.g. on - cranes, drilling machines and excavators - pressing, punching and injection moulding machines - weirs and lock gates - multilevel shelving rack systems and theatre stages - wood- and stone-working machines and also in - instrument engineering, high-tech medical devices etc. Rope length measuring systems series SL 3000 have proven for years to be very reliable, capable of measuring lengths up to 40 m with high accuracy and reliability even in extremely dusty and moist atmospheres.

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The signals representing angle and length of a telescopic crane are important measuring data. Determination of such measuring data is performed by means of tilt angle and rope length transmitters. The determination of the jib angle is performed by a magnetically damped pendulum system, the swing of which is measured with a redundant high-resolution conductive plastic potentiometer. The output signal is provided in form either of two resistance signals or via the built-in signal converter in form of two current or voltage signals. Linear measurement is performed according to the draw wire measuring principle. One makes use of a multiwire measuring cable, which is wound multilayered on a cable reel provided with a pullback spring. A mechanical spindle lead screw nut ensures, that the rope is rewound and unwound exactly layer-by-layer. The number of drum revolutions, being proportional to the measured length is determined by a redundant potentiometer system voltage or current output.

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Tilt angle values of a platform stand for important measuring data as a part of the safety and control system of machinery. Angular measurement is, for instance for equipment levelling, performed in such cases by means of dual axis pendulum systems. Transducers of that type contain inside a robust splash-proof aluminium case of protection degree IP 65 to IP 68 oil-damped pendulum systems, the tilt angle dependant swing of which is measured, depending on the application, either by a potentiometric, non-contact inductive or an optoelectronic angular encoder. For measurements relevant to safety, the pendulum swing per axis is detected with redundancy i.e. by means of two mechanically and electrically independent pendulum systems. The output signal, representing the tilt angles, is provided either in form of an analog resistance, current or voltage variation or as a digital signal - with interface bus - as well.

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Since it was founded in 1946, the Berlin-based company FSG has been a dependable partner for user-oriented system solutions in the field of industrial measuring and sensor technologies. The company develops and manufactures high-performance sensors for applications in automation and safety technology, recording an impressive level of vertical integration at 90%.


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