Heavy Duty Meat and Bone Saw


Flexible sawing system for industrial food production The FK 32 Heavy Duty Meat and Bone Saw is made entirely from stainless steel with high IP protection and with top quality construction all round. Depending on production environment and the food to be processed, this saw is available with a variable work area or can be mobile by adding optional stainless steel wheels. Ergonomic and effective Heavy Duty Meat and Bone Saw cutting and portioning of fresh and frozen foods. This unit will easily cut through fresh and frozen fish as well as heavy cuts of frozen meat including the bones. The Heavy Duty Meat and Bone Saw is ideal for industrial use and has a number of optional extras that you may want to consider to include a Sliding table with removable remnant holder additionally a Stainless steel bench type stand with feet a Mobile CE compliant version, Special saw blades depending on the material that needs to be cut. Safety features. Safety In designing the Heavy Duty Meat and...

Butchery - machinery and equipment
  • meat processing
  • Meat and Bone Saw
  • FK32

Product features

Voltage 230 V / 400 V three-phase current
Housing materials Stainless steel
Installation area (L x W) 440 x 500 mm / 17.3" x 19.7"
Max. dimensions (L x W x H) 800 x 777 x 1600 mm / 31.5" x 30.6" x 70.0"
Product size 330 mm / 13.0" Width: 10 - 290 mm / 0.4" - 11.4"
Protection type IP55

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