FLS15 & FLS15-ST: Lightweight Flange Spreaders



SPX FLOW Bolting Systems is pleased to introduce the FLS15 & FLS15-ST hydraulic spreaders. These units are ideal for pipe and flange repair. They can also be used for removing elbows, gasket and metal seal replacement on couplers, heavy equipment maintenance, and many other tasks. The spreaders are capable of developing up to 15 metric tons of force, are lightweight (only 7 lbs. [3.2 kg]), and easy to use due to their ergonomic design. 33,000 pound (15 metric ton) wedge driven spreader Jaws fully supported by wedge for excellent durability Low friction provided by heavy-duty extended-life lubricant Ideal for flanges with narrow gaps - only .2 inches (5 mm) required for entry Very high strength due to special alloy used Compact and lightweight design - only 9.9 inches (252 mm) long at a weight of 7 pounds (3.2 kg) Easy to use - ergonomically balanced handle (Optional) Suitable for the offshore environment due to superior corrosion resistance Quick adjustments for various tasks due.

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