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F.lli Sgambetterra is a company that operates in the wood processing and treatment sector. The entire olive wood production is local and combines passion with respect for nature. We are specialised in manufacturing olive wood parquets. Other activities include manufacturing semi-finished products and untreated wooden boards, firewood and sub-contract timber cutting. We manufacture and ship worldwide our sawn olive wood products, both seasoned and fresh.

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The term “decking” generally refers to outdoor wood flooring. Wooden floors for outdoors is are a solution of great charm, warmth, and rapid of application and a great ideal for the flooring around the poolside, patio, gazebo and areas of the garden and any other outdoor space of your home or workplace. This type of solution is suitable for use in all environments where continuous exposure to moisture, frost or chemical agents would be a natural obstacle to the use of wood.


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Versatile, elastic, with a high level of protection and thermal and acoustic insulation, wood has always been used to guarantee and improve the quality of life in the environment. A parquet Floor is above all an aesthetic choice, it is made for those who want to give their home an atmosphere without age, classic and modern at the same time, and therefore always current. In particular, the wooden floor gives domestic environments all the beauty and comfort of living our daily lives. Obviously, it is appropriate to choose based on various subjective/objective factors and our advice serves to integrate our expertise and experience in the need of your requirements. Sgambetterra offer services of the sale and installation in both solid wood parquet and prefinished parquet. Do you want to understand the difference? Read the guide below. Do you still have any doubts? Contact us, our consultants will be able to advise you the best in choosing the parquet that best suits your needs.


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Our modern integrated sawmill is an original blend of ancient skills and advanced technology, merged together to ensure the optimal exploitation of our wood resources. At every stage of the transformation from the log into sawn lumber, our evaluation comes into play, even if today the work is rendered infinitely more efficient by the computerized measuring and control systems, and the machine that allows the handling of logs with great weight to handle with ease. The choice of the type of processing for a trunk depends on many factors, among which those that play a role of primary importance of the wood species and knowing diverse fibers, the size and the quality of the wood. We are producers, manufactures, commercialization and transporting Sawn olive wood both fresh and dried worldwide in both options (veined and white) in the following Thickness: Fresh olive wood Boards: from 12 to 140 mm Air Dried olive wood boards: from 16 to 40 mm Kiln Dried olive wood boards: from 16 to 40 mm


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Olive wood is our passion and inside our carpentry workshop, we deal mainly with the realization of furniture and objects of excellence made of 100% Made in Italy certified olive wood. We create to measure, furniture of various kinds, unique pieces that express all their naturalness in knowing how to furnish any type of environment. We also produce depending on the quantity, personalized objects really unique and useful in our daily life. Our carpentry shop and the art of our artisan are available to all those who want the realization of a custom made piece and of value for both Calabria and outside of our region.

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