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Buy Refined Sunflower Oil in Bulk from Turkey. We meet your various Cooking oil specifications. Trade with renowned Sunflower Oil Manufacturers in Turkiye. Our Pure Sunflower Oil is packaged in PET Bottles and Can Tins. Our main aim at Fresh Trading Consultancy is to cut down the procurement cost for all. Fresh Trading Danısmanlık alongside its resourceful team of experts, will ensure to accompany you with the necessary support required to purchase goods and services from Turkiye and beyond. This involves; -Product Sourcing -Purchase Handling -Logistics Arrangements -After-sales Follow-Up Sunflower Oil | Wholesale Sunflower Oil | Used Cooking Oil | Bulk Sunflower Oil | Cooking Oil | Buy Sunflower Oil | Oil Flexitank | Sunflower Field | Fresh Trading Consultancy LTD | Edible Oil | Sunflower | Foreign Trade.

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Wholesale Extra Virgin Olive Oil : Buy Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Turkey today at good prices. At Fresh Trading Danismanlik Limited, we carefully select the olives and the final product is obtained by cold pressing only without any foreign material or chemical treatment. Thus, preserving its natural form, unique flavor, and nutritional value. Extra virgin olive oil, is for certain; nature’s miracle. Firstly, it reduces the potential risks of cardiovascular diseases with its high level of linoleic acid. Also, our extra virgin olive oil contains high levels of vitamins E, A, D, and K, which help to rejuvenate cells. Hence, aging is delayed by protecting the skin. Most essentially, it is used in cold dishes, sauces, and salads. The acid content is at most 0.8%. ——— Packaging: 250ml, 500ml, 1Ltr, 5 Ltr (PET Bottles and Tin Cans) ——— extra virgin olive oil, olive oil, pure olive oil, virgin olive oil, cooking oil, edible oil, Refined Olive

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Buy Wood Pellets Wholesale with the assistance of Fresh Trading Ltd. experts. We produce the best quality pellet with the best quality material. We deliver your orders all over the world with our vast distribution network. The energy sector at this time is not at its best. However, eco-friendly energy sources have proven to be more of an essence and a safe fuel system. Pellet Fuel is less dangerous than the use of other fossil fuels. Inflation is crippling the economy with soaring food prices and bills. Winter is on the way. Transportation will be distorted and slowed down. Grab and secure your energy supplies to be on the winning team. Our Pine Wood Pellets are 6mm and it is the cleanest combustion system among other fuel systems. Environmental-Friendly Wood Pellets For Sale In Bulk by Fresh Trading LTD at good prices. woodpellets #woodpellet #woodpelletsforsale #buywoodpellet #buywoodpelletinbulk #wholesalewoodpellet #energy #inflation #economy #fossilfuels #energysector

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Buy Wholesale Turkish Frozen Chicken: * FROZEN Chicken HALAL Approved. * Packaging POULTRY from BR Body IQF a Grade Premium. * Frozen Chicken Saddle HALAL Approved. * Full Chicken Body IQF Premium "A" Grade. * Frozen Halal Chicken Heart Fresh Frozen Chicken Parts from Turkey. * Frozen Chicken Leg Quarter Wholesale Supplier. * POULTRY from Turkey Body IQF Premium Grade. * Skinless Frozen Boneless (Shawarma) Halal Chicken Breast Premium Halal Grade. ** 100 Metric Tons (MOQ)

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FRESH Trading Consultancy LTD. Co., is a Turkish company situated in Istanbul founded in 2022. Our resourceful team of experts will ensure to accompany you with the necessary support required to purchase goods and services from Turkiye and beyond. The Turkish Market is vast. Fresh Trading Ltd. Co. helps international companies source quality products from Turkey. We offer Foreign Trade services to those companies in any industry and business which perform or want to perform importation and exportation operations. - - This involves; -Product Sourcing -Purchase Handling -Logistics Arrangements -After-sales Follow-Up The Turkish Market is a vast one and it is full of product varieties. Fresh Trading Ltd. helps international companies and organizations import quality products from Turkiye. - - - - We operate in the following sectors/industries; Our Products / Services: -Packing and Packaging -Agriculture and Veterinary Materials -Shoes and Leather Products -Chemical Products -Food Items (Raw and Processed) -Construction and Building Supplies -Clothes Fabrics and Textile -Medical Materials and Devices -Industrial Machinery and Devices -Furniture and Fixtures -School Supplies and Stationery -Baby Products -Wild Hunting Products -Health Tourism -Education Consultancy -Renewable Energy —— Our Vision: At Fresh Trading Limited, we envisage a future wherein, the Import and Export of goods and services are less bureaucratic and easy to do.

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Wholesale Marble Partnership - Fresh Trading - MÜSİAD EXPO

Wholesale Marble Partnership - Fresh Trading - MÜSİAD EXPO

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Wholesale Marble Partnership - Fresh Trading Ltd -MÜSİAD EXPO, 2022 Türkiye - Henceforth, your Natural Marble worries are over. Source polished & unpolished 100% natural marbles from the largest marble manufacturer in Turkey. Myth is luxury. Indulge a taste of mother nature’s finest stones in all their charismatic colors and designs. N/B: * Shared with full permission *


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AKEVLER MAH. 1069 SOK. 9E/58. Esenyurt

34513 Istanbul - Turkey


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  • T.C. Ziraat Bankası A.Ş.

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