Wide range of products available at short notice Our delivery program in the product group flanges (ANSI B 16.5) includes the following types: Welding Neck Flanges. Slip-on flanges Loose Flanges (Lap Joint Flanges) Blind Flanges and Socked Welding Flanges Threaded Flanges Special / drawing parts. Special competence for special materials We supply flanges in the dimensions ½ "to 24" in the pressure levels 150/300/600/900/1500/2500 lbs. Our special competence lies in the delivery of special materials. The following special materials are available: Carbon Steel A 350 LF2 Chrome-Moly Alloy A 182 F Chrome-Moly Alloy A 182 F11 Chrome-Moly Alloy A 182 F 22

  • flanges
  • threaded flanges
  • carbon steel

Product features

Materials and dimensions Carbon Steel A 350 LF 2 1/2 "to 24" Chrome-Moly Alloy A 182 F5 1/2 "to 10"

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