Flexible Tubular Heater

Square 4.5 x 4.5 mm / 6 x 6 mm / 8 x 8 mm


Square stainless steel tubular heaters BASE-flex (1.4541) are a reliable industry standard for the use in heating platens and manifolds. In contrast to traditional tubular heaters with a round section which have to be bent by machines, square BASE-flex can be fitted into any rectangular groove with simple hand tools. Moreover, the square shape results in a bigger heat emitting area of up to 80% compared with a corresponding round section. Finally, the easy manual mounting saves the usually high technical expenditure for casting-in / soldering / cementing of bent round tubular heaters. A soft version of the BASE-flex, the NICKEL-flex (2.4068) is available as special execution. Due to the soft, easy to form nickel material, the NICKEL-flex is suitable for manual mounting with hand tools in round sections, too. Furthermore, Nickel has a better capability to conduct heat compared with stainless steel.

  • tubular heater
  • manifold heater
  • flexible tubular heater

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