The Series JFM-P FloSen® Airflow Meassuring Probes provide accurate, repeatable measurement of air movement in HVAC ducts. Its patented elliptically-shaped sensor design with improved aerodynamic characteristics outperforms more traditional devices, and overcomes loss of accuracy caused by fluid separation at the sensor body. It is designed to maintain a constant parallel airflow pattern over the static sensing ports for more accurate, steady signals under all duct conditions. The elimination of separation results in a stabilized static pressure signal, helping to eliminate “hunting” during fan control. FloSen® Airflow Probes utilize a unique in-line groove for total pressure sensing and dual ports for static pressure sensing which produces a higher differential pressure for very low velocity measurements. The total and static pressure measuring points are distributed for equal-area averaging of flows resulting in improved accuracy and reliability.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
  • Positive airflow system
  • air flow gauge
  • Pressure differential equipment

Product features

Installation Easy / External or Self-Supported
Accuracy 1%
Design Aero-Dynamic Elliptical Shape
Straightener Not required
Duct Shape Round / Square / Rectangular
Probe Material PVC or Aluminum

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