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Foils and sheets from PE, PET and EVAC

Foils and sheets from PE


Foils and sheets from PE Both-sided smooth boards and foils of LD-PE, HD-PE– these are manufactured mostly as natural (milky), black or colourful. Processed materials LDPE HDPE LDPE is a polyethylene with lower density. It is the most frequently used material in the production of foils, in particular for packaging. All simple types of disposable bags, garbage bags, and shopping bags are made just from LDPE. The reason is particularly its low price and easy processing ability. Foils are manufactured by extrusion, either as 2D foils or hoses (tubular extrusion). Foils can be made as very thin (bags for baked goods) or thick-walled (large bags). Package thickness may be adapted to application requirements from 30 micrometers (0.030 mm) up to 200 micrometers. Should the final package be resistant against perforation, PE foils may be laminated with another foil type improving features of the final package. For example, lamination with PET foil (polyethylene-terephthalate) is used in...

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