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Food colorings

Oil Dispersible Food Colorings


10 ml dropper bottles Our oil dispersible food colorings are used to color chocolate and candy melts. You dose approximately 1 to 3 percent of coloring to the mass of melted chocolate. Our chocolate colorings are made with european allowed synthetic colors and are blended with fractionized coconut oil. These colorings contain azo colors and can have influence on the hyperactivity and attention in children. Available colors and ingredients: E104 = Quinoline Yellow E110 = Sunset Yellow E123 = Amaranth E124 = Ponceau 4R E133 = Brilliant Blue E171 = Titanium dioxide 75 gram cups oil dispersible Basic colors packed per 75 gram in cups. Containing the colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Fuchsia, Blue. All food colors can be produced as private labels.

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