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Used for seed soaking; leaf watering/spraying Increases resistance to diseases: powdery mildew, late blight, root rot; increases the number of peduncles; Homogeneous, homogeneous suspension, from dark brown to black; the presence of inclusions (stones and other foreign objects) is not allowed; not volatile; flocculates when interacting with acids, water-soluble. Amino acids: eliminate nutrient deficiency accelerate the transport of nutrients to plant cells Fulvic acids: have an antioxidant effect accelerate plant development COMPOSITION: mass fraction of organic matter is not less than 15 g/l, humic acids – not less than 30 g/l, fulvic acids - not less than 4 g/l, microelement complex. Consumption Rate Methods and Terms of Application: Spraying – 1 to 100 solution is prepared (for example: 100 ml of AgroVerm per 10 liters of water), Watering - 1 to 1000 (for example, 10 ml of AgroVerm per 10 liters of water), Leaf watering or spraying, once every 7-14 days For information

Product information

500 ml
Hazard Class
IV (low hazard substance)