The GEMÜ 601, GEMÜ 612 and GEMÜ 673 2/2-way diaphragm valves have a temperature resistant plastic handwheel and are manually operated. The GEMÜ 602 valve has a stainless steel handwheel and is manually operated. Bonnet and internals are made all of stainless steel. A seal adjuster to increase service life of the diaphragm and an integral optical position indicator are included as standard. -Hermetic separation between medium and operator -Optional flow direction and installation position -Long service life of the diaphragm due to patented seal adjuster (US-Pat. 5 377 956) -Valve body also available in multi-port designs (M-block and T-body) or as tank bottom valve body

Plumbing, industrial
  • Diaphragm valve

Product features

Body material 1.4435, forged body
Body material 1.4435, investment casting
Body configuration Tank valve body; 2/2-way body; T body
Actuator Manual
Operating pressure 0 to 10 bar
DN 4 to 15
Media temperature -10 to 100 °C

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