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Despite specialising in graphite and mica, the world is more than black and white to the team at LUH based in Walluf. We are passionate about mineral raw materials and their many possible applications: Halogen-free flame protection, conductivity, lubrication, anti-static and noise insulation. The benefits: You have everything from a single source. We offer advice, find solutions, develop ideas collaboratively, cultivate the right contacts, deliver the raw materials required and check these against German standards. Be it customers, suppliers or business partners, a collaborative partnership on an equal footing is of the utmost importance to us. We are a dependable partner for our customers, and always on hand to offer help and advice. Our extensive expertise and various additional services enable us to implement even the most unusual projects quickly and flexibly. We can find a solution to every challenge: Innovatively and individually.

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Mica is a collective term for a group of aluminium silicate minerals. They are divided into different categories depending on their chemical composition. Muscovite mica and phlogopite mica are important for industrial applications. We deliver high quality muscovite and phlogopite mica in different particle sizes. Our selection of our standard qualities ranges from the finest mica powder with an average particle size of 15 μm, up until coarse flakes up of 20 mm.


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Graphite, like diamond, consists of pure carbon arranged in a hexagonal crystal system. One differentiates between natural and synthetic graphite depending on the extraction or production method. Graphite exhibits a unique combination of material properties due to the special crystalline composition of the layer structure.


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Special processing methods are used to produce what is known as exfoliated graphite or expandable graphite from natural mineral graphite. It has the unique property of abruptly expanding by many times its volume when it is exposed to heat. At Georg H. Luh, we have extensive know-how in this product field and offer the right products for a wide variety of applications with numerous different grades and variants.


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GraphTHERM® - graphite optimised for heat conductivity. GraphTHERM® developed by Georg H. Luh GmbH especially for improved heat conductivity enable a thermal conductivity of 20 W/mK or more thanks to their special form. The mechanical properties or processability are not impaired even at a high filling degree of more than 60%. This combination of characteristics makes GraphTHERM® especially well suited for plastics applications. GraphCOND® - graphite optimised for electrical conductivity Special pre-treatment and grinding results in graphite particles that enable an effective electrically conductive network to be created even at a low material proportion. A conductivity of >100 S/cm is possible in plastic. GraphCOND® features convincing properties and is versatile in application, for example in dissipative coatings or highly conductive compounds.

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New generation expandable graphite

Product launch ・ 21 Oct 2020 read more Open In New icon

Until now, the starting temperature of max. 230 °C has been limited expandable graphite for the use in high-temperature polymers such as polyamide. With our new generation expandable graphite GHL PX 95 HT 270, we have been able to develop a new expandable graphite quality that shows its protective characteristic from 270°C. Concerning the known product parameters of purity, pH value, particle size and expansion volume, no compromises have to be made with this expandable graphite quality either. Therefore, expandable graphite can now be used for polyamides and applications with processing temperatures up to 260°C.


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