Gasholder for oil bases

Gasholder for oil bases GidroBak


Soft gasholders serve as a transfer point between the reservoir and the compressor, ensuring the smooth operation of the entire system. With the help of flexible air ducts, the ends of gas holders are connected to the gas-equalizing pipeline, and then to the entire gas-leveling system. The main feature of soft containers, favorably distinguishing them from metal, reinforced concrete and plastic, is the convenience of their operation. Such containers can be stored and transported in a folded form and deployed when installed on site. Therefore, they are easy to transport from one facility to another, to mount and dismantle without any special equipment. Soft tanks can be installed on unprepared areas, they can easily be delivered to hard-to-reach places - tanks in folded form can be transported by car. Two to three workers can handle the installation in a few hours. Another important feature of soft containers is their incomparable ease.

Gas - production and distribution
  • Gasholder
  • biogas
  • flexible gasholder
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