Gecko Gripper from OnRobot



The Gecko Gripper (SP) enables the use of the innovative Gecko adhesive gripper technology in applications with a small surface area. Such areas which could not be automated so far. The gecko-inspired adhesive technology offers precise, track-free gripping. Even with porous workpieces this technology works. For example printed circuit boards or glossy surfaces. Cleaning is not necessary. The three different Gecko Single Pad Grippers (SP1, SP3 and SP5) are named after their payload in kilograms. Of course, the Gecko grippers can be used with leading lightweight robots and cobots. The compact single-pad design allows easy access to the workpiece, even in tight spaces. Since no electronics or air supply is required, the Gecko SP is a cost-effective plug-and-play solution. The Gecko gripper leaves no marks on glass. This eliminates the need for manual cleaning. This means a higher RoI and lower operating costs.

  • gripper devices for robots
  • grippers
  • adhesive

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