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Gold coated step index fiber Verified by Europages badge

High temperature application up to 700°C


Our gold coated fiber is available for both wavelength ranges: from UV, VIS up to infrared wavelength ranges. The fiber offers excellent protection against chemical corrosion & mechanical stres and is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and harsh environments. The fiber can be terminated directly onto the coating for hermetically sealed assembly. Our Gold coated fiber has very low outgassing of volatile components. We perform 100% stringend test procedures according to international standards. Typical applications are typically for extreme conditions such as: • Aircraft, missile, rocket, turbine & jet engine monitoring • Radiation, caustic & corrosive environments • Material fatigue sensing applications • High power laser delivery systems • Ultra high vacuum applications

Product information

Fiber Profile
Step index
Core diameter
100 - 600µm
Application Wavelength
Ultraviolett / Visible Wavelength