Grain Storage Silos

Galvanised sheet metal silos are nowadays the best alternative for grain storage
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Galvanised sheet metal silos offer a versatile, cost-effective, and hygienic solution for grain storage. We provide various types of grain silos, including flat-bottom, hopper, truck load, and farm silos, tailored to specific storage needs. Our silos are designed to store grains, seeds, and pelletized products while adhering to industry standards like EUROCODE and ANSI. Key features of our grain silos include: -High-quality galvanised steel construction (S350GD) with a minimum Z600 coating. -Variable wall ring thicknesses and finishes -Stiffeners with a minimum galvanisation of Z-600, ensuring durability. -Easy access with inspection doors for maintenance and safety-focused stairs and catwalks. -Reinforced roofs. -Roof chimneys. -Inspection windows. -Wind rings. Our silos are adaptable, cost-effective, and designed to meet diverse grain storage needs.

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